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About Us

Taw Win Thazin is a well-known, trustworthy, and reputable distribution company in Myanmar, the second largest country in Southeast Asia. The company name encompasses the value of the company with the Taw Win meaning Royalty and the Thazin referring to the flower, Bulbophyllum auricomum, Myanmar’s national Flower which has a long history of being worn by royalty for ceremonial purposes.
Our Headquarters are located in Mandalay, a central city the center of Myanmar, famous for its rich history as the last kingdom of Myanmar. The mote featured in our brand logo pays homage to the ancient mote surrounding the Mandalay palace, making the company logo one of the most recognizable logos in all the distribution companies in Myanmar. Since 1996, we have created over 500 jobs and touching the hearts of over 30 million customers from all over Myanmar. With our well-trained sales representatives, IT experts and dedicated staff members, our company ensures 100 % customer satisfaction and commit to all our business partners and stakeholders. As of today, Taw Win Thazin has become of the fastest growing and market leading distribution companies in Myanmar.

Why Choose Us

Ultimatee Customer Service

Highly Skilled and Professionally trained, our sales team caters to all different customers and markets while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Through our service, we also enhance the lifestyles of local people by providing value to the lives of the locals.

Mutual Benefits

We provide mutually beneficial partnerships to all our stakeholders by helping our partners reach their goals more effectively and efficiently.

Speedy Delivery

We provide convenience and efficiency to our customers with our speedy delivery and our prided distribution system which have various channels from wholesale to detail shop.

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